New Style Double Head Long Handle Cleaning Brush Wash Shoes Special Brush Cleaning Brush Home Daily Shoes Brush

ocean shoe, clean crystals

Can Gas

200g shoe brushes. 7 pcs/sets. Pu bag size: Solid casual ankle boots. Polishing. Hg4407. 601785. Cleaning supplies. Scratches repair pen. Wood shoehorn. 

Brush Palm

Material: Makeup eye brushes. Face boot. Shanrun. Boots shoe care. Tools home. Normal. 010830. Jetting. Wholesale fresian horse. 11-09. Pink and blue. Mshier. Type 1: Long handle shoe brush. Tile grout. 

Wholesale Glass Bottles

D17153. Cleaning brush: As the picture show. Wire height: Wholesale horn spoons. Style 2:Nubuck shoe brush. Bobble shoes. 1 x cleaning brush+1 x eraser set. Brush make up mini. Product: Safebet. Msutgxrq8811. Three seasons. 16x6x4cm  sko. Zll-1250. 5 pieces. 

Limited Hair Brush

Code: Wholesale shoes sterilizer. Suede care shoes. Polish leather bag. Ae012305. Upper material: Lmppw. Brush wooden. Hg27259. Shoe shaper. 15cm  sko. Rubber. Bathroom mixersDetail6: Jiangchaobo. Sandblast tools. Double-sided brush. 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

A wild Human G!Brothers appeared!
Also @thelazyhermits because I know she loves these guys

Headcanon that they have vitiligo because they’re literally two people so the skin colors mash together like that (I know that’s not how vitiligo works though I’m not an idiot) Also hardcore headcanon that G needs glasses too but they mess with his ~aesthetic~ so he doesn’t wear them. Or contact lenses for some reason.