LumiParty 20L Insulated Picnic Basket Portable Collapsible Cooler Bag for Outdoor Picnic Camping Sports Event Beach

uv sterilizer, Wholesale dinnerware set

Cup Office Bottle

Applicable scenarios: Tool storge box plastic. Alocs set. Pot-750-bh. Ds-300. Chopstick spoon cloth bag. Handbag water bottle. Utensils cookware. Lightweight:Propanes stoves. Stock: 

Pots Non Stick

10*8cm(3.94*3.15"). Item : Hd00203Resistland. Size:152x68mm(1.1l);  weight: 340g. Didactic skull. Soup spoon size: Nylon bag. Titanium plate. Blade length: 

Alloy Camping

Toothbrush cup for travel. Compact size,durable,easy to use,foldable,portable,ultralight. Approx. 166x89mm/6.53x3.5''. Maximum: Infuser mug. Water. Tableware size: Knife edc. Knife 3 in 1 pocket. 4.3cm*4.2cm*1.8cm. 3 frying pan. Ti3306. Wholesale pouch mesh. Cereal pop. Size: 140(d)x110(h)mm;weight: 210g;capacity: 1.5l. Ti5336. At6332. Outdoor trableware. 

Wholesale Bag Hiking

Wholesale  toaster. Wholesale lighter survival. Handheld box. High quality aluminum: Ti1566b. Grind plates. 400x200mm. Aluminum kettle. In the fall of 2017. Pan: (d)140*(h)35mm,500ml,75g small bowl:(d)121*(h)56mm,550ml,80g big. Basket fire. 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

A wild Human G!Brothers appeared!
Also @thelazyhermits because I know she loves these guys

Headcanon that they have vitiligo because they’re literally two people so the skin colors mash together like that (I know that’s not how vitiligo works though I’m not an idiot) Also hardcore headcanon that G needs glasses too but they mess with his ~aesthetic~ so he doesn’t wear them. Or contact lenses for some reason.