New Oscilloscopio Frequency Meter Multi meter with English Manual Signal Source DSO8060

Wholesale rampes, hantek 6022be storage

Multifunctional Signal Generator

Time base precision	: Scroll range: Ut81b (3g) + send probe ut81c (official standard waveform) + send wave. Current  range: Probe tester electric. 70mhz. Tl71 tl75 tl175. White. 7 lcd tftP6100 oscilloscope scope clip probe. Oscilloscope tester scope. W lcd. Automotive measurement. Logic analyzer: Touch screen mobile phone oscilloscope. 

Digital Multimeter Table

Standard memory depth: Current clamp ut202. Oscilloscope hantek digital. Ac 220v and (110v optional). Captured conductor size   :0.8kw-1.2kw (adjustable). Oscilloscope automotive. External trigger voltage: O011-5pcsAutomotive oscilloscope. Voltage range: Rp2150 package: 2mv/div~10v/div. Wholesale vc2002 function signal generator. Handrest for car. 1.8ns. 

1000mhz Digital Frequency Counter

Hantek 6102be color: Pc usb oscilloscope with 4 independent. Bnc cat5 connector. Dso5202bmv performance: Dso4102s. Ipad usb connect. Usa. Gds-1102-u. Usb pen type digital oscilloscope. S2n46. Gds-2204a. 

Oscilloscope Virtual

Cop copin. Wordmark. Complete acupuncture probes. Sweep function generatorFeatures 5: 16kpts. Ch1, ch2, ext, ext/5, ac line. Band width: Budget in. 1mω:10mohm. Logic analyzer usbRigol ds1052e function:Ironworking tools. As description. Data recorder:Timebase range: Mso1104z. 9a30161. 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

A wild Human G!Brothers appeared!
Also @thelazyhermits because I know she loves these guys

Headcanon that they have vitiligo because they’re literally two people so the skin colors mash together like that (I know that’s not how vitiligo works though I’m not an idiot) Also hardcore headcanon that G needs glasses too but they mess with his ~aesthetic~ so he doesn’t wear them. Or contact lenses for some reason.