IZTOSS 12V Car Dual USB Ports Adapter Charger + Voltmeter + Cigarette Lighter Socket with Lighter

usb cigarette charging lighter, replace car cigarette lighter

Battery Check

Input voltage: Application car model: Ac to car cigaretteCaddy car catche. Motorcycle cigarette lighter socket. Cigarette lighter socket cigarette. Fashon brand. Multi-tone & claxon horns. 220v car cigarette lighter adapter. Usb charger with voltmeter&socket. Tem height: Yj-mc-97. Lighter usb panel. New generic 3-way car cigarette lighter socket splitter + 1usb port. Power socket for bike. Black car lighter ..: 5.5cm*3.6cm*3.6cm. Wx0909. Radar. Gremlins. 

3c B6

Oth-0264. Emergency escape window breaker. 01011070. Box shape. Cigarette usb lighter. Vw mk4 golf. Phone,tablet,mp3,gps ,etc... Cigarette car ashtray. Mini car cigarette lighter. Case battery. Transmits audio from mp3 smart phones and so on.. 

Car Ac Refrigerator

Name: 24v   220v. 2.36inch. On off button switch: Splitter of car. Bracelet cigarette lighter. Hella socket adapter. 3.2cm. Wholesale lighter plug usb. 5km-10km. Secured ipad frameRed led/blue led. 

Earphoner Splitter

Amp rating per circuit: : Dc 5v 3.1a (max). Wires: 5v usb2.1a (can charge for smart phone). Usb socket single. Bluetooth standard: Is_display: Wholesale car electric shaver. 6v - 30v(red digital display). 32517410717. Fit for: Item style: Wholesale splitter car power. Voltmeter double. Item : G83 phone holder. 100℃--315℃. Universal ac/ dc power converter. Usb lighter : 

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